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Organized by Dr. A K Chawla, MSc., Ph.D in Dairy Technology & Research, from N.D.R.I Karnal with over 28years of practical experienThe Center provides highly skilled Dairy professionals and industry experts as Consultants for Entrepreneurs and Dairy industrial units. Dairy industry is gradually turning into a highly specialized area, where incorporation of latest techniques in the preservation of quality in raw-materials, chilling and processing systems, value additions in most scientific and processes, installations for cost-effective production, protective and attractive packaging and efficient marketing-have become essential to compete and maximize profit with longer shelf-life of product packages. An expert consultant in any area of specialization can very materially help in bringing quick results in quality production with optimum profitability. Dr. Chawla Dairy Information centre provides information on highly experienced consultants to entrepreneurs and industry management in each area of planning, production, instrumentation and automation, management, appropriate personnel and marketing.

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